September, and another Bernina Foot Sale…

First of all, I am on the newsletter / blog lists for other sewing machine brands as well (Janome, Baby Lock, Viking..) and I will pass along any news of their sales as well, when I receive them…



     The September sale for Bernina is Buy 1 foot, get one 50% off.  If you are looking for feet …. now is the time.  The only catch is that it is only good through September 8-12, so act fast if you want to take advantage of this. Read more: September, and another Bernina Foot Sale…  »

I LOVE my new iron!

I have had a chance to play around with my new iron and tickled pink with what I have seen so far!  The Velocity 200IR is the newest version of home iron that was just released.

The improvements that have been made make this easier to use, as well as being able to use it longer (not running out of steam and shutting off the auto-off feature).  I will go over the features that I like, one by one.

First, there is actually an OFF button.  The Digital Velocity, which I have used for 7 years,

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Guess what just arrived?!

And is it crazy to be excited about an iron?!  I have had my Digital Velocity iron for about 7 years (yes, and those are like dog years, so my iron has really lasted forever)!  I have been watching the iron posts online, as I am now saying if, not when, my iron gives up.


I really like my Digital Velocity, but it is no longer being made. The only thing I would change is to have an over-ride for the auto off feature.  The next iteration was the Sensor Velocity and tah dah! 

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2016 Pantone Color(s) of the Year

     As I am seeing the fashions in the fall catalog, it brought to mind the 2016 Colors of the Year:

Rose Quartz and Serenity

     Pantone usually has one color of the year, but decided to go with 2 this year.  You can see these colors in many of the lines that are going down the runway!  Many of the fabrics and prints are designed based on these colors and lucky for us, these happen to be colors that are beautiful on children as well as adults.  I am keeping my eyes open for the 2017 color of the year,

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For you Bernina people….. Quarter Inch Foot is on Sale!

If you have a Bernina and you do not own a quarter inch foot (also known as a Patchwork foot, as quilters use a quarter inch seam when they piece), it is on sale at participating dealers until the end of the month.

For those of you who are keeping track …….  This is one of the feet that I use all of the time, for many different things. If you have a Bernina and don’t have this foot (yet), this is a great time to add to your collection, especially at 25% off!  If you do not have a local dealer,

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New Petite Piping Cording and Why are collars like that?

First, let me introduce you to my new product!  I have started to have this manufactured myself (well, not literally) and am now able to bring this to you at a great price!  Each wound ball contains approximately 110 yards of Petite Piping Cord and is only $5.00!  You can order it HERE




I had someone call with a collar question the other day, so I thought I would share……  she wanted to know why the collar neckline did not match the blouse neckline.  She was sure that she had cut out everything accurately!  And she had!  Most collars do not match the neckline exactly –

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Welcome to Vaune’s Sewing Room – see my blog through my website!

My blog has been moved from the blogspot address to my website….. hopefully this will be easier for you to find!  I will be sending out an email to let everyone know.  In the meantime, I am showing you a cute little Halloween Bag…..  Halloween Sweets!  It is perfect for holding ‘Treats’ on Halloween!  It is made with the Color Me fabric – it is made to be colored with fabric markers.  One way of getting our kids / grandkids / neighbor kids… to sew is to get them involved in a project, and what better way then to have them color the fabric and then help to sew it together!

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