A Great Post on Sheaths to Share, a Few Videos, and Scissor Sharpening

Hello Everyone!

Happy October!  I just turned over my Children’s Corner calendar – another cute little picture!  This week has been busy, but I am not at a sharing point for most of my projects.  They more than likely will all be done at the same time – yeah!!!

I had several inquiries for scissor sharpening.  I used to send them to DOVO in Germany, but they no longer do that.  I have a wonderful place down in the garment district that I use.  If anyone is interested, you can send your scissors to me, I will take them down and get them sharpened, balanced, or whatever (I had a pair that I dropped, which caused the blades to be mis-aligned, and they fixed them right up!), and then send them back to you.  I will be taking scissors in the 2nd week of November, probably November 11.  You can send me your scissors to me at:

Vaune Pierce
11998 Bubbling Brook Street
Moorpark, CA  93021

Please put a tag on the handle of each pair with your name.  Once they are finished, I will let you know how much you owe.  They usually run between $8-$15/pair, depending on the size and what needs to be done.

Figure on it taking a couple of weeks for me to get them back to you.

Next up – a couple of videos!
The first one is hilarious – Kay (a non-sewer – but how hard can it be?) gives a sewing tutorial on making a mask.  I dare you not to laugh!  It is one of my favorites.

Kay Shows you how to make a mask!

Next up, a couple of films that focus on tailors and their incredible art form.  The first film is about 7 minutes and has a couple of tailors (subtitles) that talk about growing up being apprenticed as boys.

A Conversation with Italian Tailors

This one is about Geatano Aloisio.  Italy is known for its men’s tailoring, but there are area specific ‘schools’ of tailoring:  Milanese, Roman, and Neopolitan.  This one is a bit longer, (about a half hour), but is very interesting.  The host is Hugo Jacomet (French) and has a series called Sartorial Talks, which is about Gentlemen’s Fashion.  It is really easy to go down the rabbit hole on this one!  I am not about to start creating men’s fashion, but the art and talent required are amazing to watch!

One of the World’s greatest tailors: Gaetano Aloisio 

The Bespoke video has some interesting information as well, and he goes into the Guild that oversees the French process of becoming a Master Shoemaker.  The process

is what the SAGA Artisan program is based on, being an apprentice and studying with the Master shoemakers through out France.  Again, very interesting!

The Best Bespoke Shoemakers in the World

And last but not least, I follow a blog called Goodbye, Valentino.  It is written by Sarah Gunn, who is the author of A Stylish Guide to Classic Sewing and The Tunic Bible (available here through Amazon).  Even if you do not sew for your self, she has some great ideas and information.  In her most recent post (from 10/4), she has a guest writer, Helen Haughey.  You may remember the sleeve board and shoulder ham  from a few weeks back?  I purchased mine from Helen!  She gives some great pointers on sheath necklines and your jaw line.  Very informative!

I know this may be off of the beaten path for those of you who focus on heirloom and classic children’s garments, but keep your mind open.  When I am teaching to (adult) garment sewists, they are amazed at how heirloom techniques can be incorporated beautifully into adult garments.  Likewise, some of the techniques that are traditionally found in women’s garments can be incorporated into our heirloom and classic children’s garments.

As a side note, yesterday was the Annual (Virtual) meeting for Smocking Arts Guild of America – a heartfelt thankyou to all of you for this past year’s work!  and A BIG congratulations to the new 20-21 SAGA Board that was installed.

For those of you who belong to ASG – our ASGLA is having their (virtual) Annual meeting next Saturday, 10/10, starting at 10AM Pacific time.  I am their speaker, and will be teaching a quick class on Petite Piping.  We will be making a Liberty Thread Catcher!  I hope to see you there!


I hope you are all safe and healthy!

Happy Stitching,


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