New Class at Children’s Corner and perfect Project Bags on Amazon!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I hope this finds you with family, friends, and wonderful food.  We will be in Phoenix, celebrating with my husband’s family.

I am posting pictures of the project that I am teaching at The Children’s Corner in Nashville (one of my favorite fabric stores), in February.  The jumper has a little peek-a-boo pocket, perfect for a tiny treasure.  The blouse is out of Liberty of London Tana Lawn.  I used that for the piping and the pocket on the jumper, as well as on the capelet.  The jumper is pique’, and the unlined capelet is a Melton wool, perfect for fall weather, as the season changes. it is available in 3 different colorways.   I will also teach about lining – how to decide when and what, and how to add it to a pattern that does not call for it.



I love the traditional design of the jumper and blouse, with the added whimsy of the pocket and capelet.  This has been in the works for a while, and it is noce to see it come to fruition.  I did not realize that Frozen 2 would be making an appearance, but when I had a neighbor’s little girl try it on, the first thing she said was “Oh it is an Anna cape!”.  Not really, but she was excited!  February 6-8, 2020 (and I can not believe we are at 2020 already – remember when we were worried about Y2K?).  For more information, you can contact me ( or call Children’s Corner at 615-292-1746.  I hope to see you there!

I also wanted to pass along the link to these great project bags from Amazon.  There are 18 in the set, 2 of each size and color(8 different sizes).  They are made of a mesh reinforced plastic with a zipper.  They are (kind of) clear, so you can see what is in them, perfect for projects and supplies.  They are very similar to the bags at The Container Store at a fraction of the price.  The set of 18 is only $12.99!  I have included the link below, if you are interested.  This is NOT an advertisement for these.  I use mine all of the time and thought I would share with you.

Link to Project bags on Amazon


I hope to be adding posts a little more frequently.  My website / blog is in the process of being upgraded and is almost done.  I am going to be transitioning over to more blog posts – it takes a LOT longer to write a newsletter than a post, so hopefully you will be hearing from me more often!

Before I sign off, one more picture… of Felix!  He is now 6 months old, ready for his first Christmas, and he will be in CA with us!  I was back in Cape Cod for 10 days at the beginning of November, right after the fires.  Grammy heaven!

Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, and

Happy Stitching!


Vaune’s May Newsletter and Traditions and Transitions Retreat Info

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while, but my new newsletter is finally here.  I have included the information on Traditions and Transitions, the retreat that Cindy Foose and I are hosting in August.  After early registration for our returning students, we have a few spots left… if you are interested, please contact me right away!

As always, if you want anything from the newsletter, the best way to order is to email me.  I don’t have everything from the newsletter posted on my website yet.  Just email me what you want, along with your address and phone number, and I will contact your for payment info.

We are on grandbaby watch – sometime in the next couple of week, and we are sooo excited!

As always, I hope to run into you soon, and

Vaune’s May 2019 Newsletter

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Vaune’s June Newsletter


Hello Everyone!
I know this is long overdue, but here is my next newsletter! It has been a busy year so far, and will stay that way for several more months. A special hello to everyone that I have had in class this year. One of the things that I love most about teaching is meeting so many new friends and catching up with old friends that I have not seen in a while. I know every year at the SAGA convention, I run into friends that I only see once a year, and we pick up like we saw each other yesterday. Lovely! I have information on our school that Cindy Foose and I are having in August – we are almost full at this point, but hope to see you there.
Happy Stitching to you all,

Vaune’s July Newsletter is here (yes, finally…)

Welcome to my newsletter and revised website!  Please bear with me as I learn the new system, as things are a bit different, and hopefully a bit easier!  Please log in and sign up for my blog as well as my newsletter!  This is a long one, as it is a long time coming… hope you enjoy!  Remember, some of my specials are limited to what I have, as I can not re-order.  As always, my newsletter readers have first dibs before I post to my website.

Please sign up for my blog as well….. and I am giving away a Halloween Sweets kit = drawing will be from everyone on my newsletter and blog email list.  It is easy to sign up – just go to my blog and enter your email.  You will get a confirmation email, and don’t forget to click on the link to add me to your address book!



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