Vaune’s July Newsletter is here (yes, finally…)

Welcome to my newsletter and revised website!  Please bear with me as I learn the new system, as things are a bit different, and hopefully a bit easier!  Please log in and sign up for my blog as well as my newsletter!  This is a long one, as it is a long time coming… hope you enjoy!  Remember, some of my specials are limited to what I have, as I can not re-order.  As always, my newsletter readers have first dibs before I post to my website.

Please sign up for my blog as well….. and I am giving away a Halloween Sweets kit = drawing will be from everyone on my newsletter and blog email list.  It is easy to sign up – just go to my blog and enter your email.  You will get a confirmation email, and don’t forget to click on the link to add me to your address book!



Happy Stitching,