A Slice of Coffee Cake with Your Fashion Films!

Hello everyone!
The countdown to Christmas is here – only 12 more days as I write this.  2020 is unique, to say the least, but I am trying to keep to most of my traditions.  I have started my Christmas baking:


I have written about this before, and I will admit I am re-using an older picture (I have been giving my coffee cakes away as soon as I bake them, so I don’t have my usual load on my table), but it is worth sharing again.  The recipe is below, and I am including a link for the ‘better’ foil pans (these come with lids, so I don’t have to use plastic wrap – much quicker!

They come in a pack of 40 pans and lids for about $14 and you can order them here on Amazon.  If you get them elsewhere, make sure the pans measure 9″.  I made that mistake once – even though the label said 9′, they were only about 8.25″ and there was too much batter. I either had to leave some out or risk burning the coffeecake, as it took longer to bake.

     When I had my wedding shower, everyone was asked to write down a recipe, and this came from Mrs. Marshall.  She made a bunch of these for the church Christmas Bazaar every year.  After the shower, everything was boxed up and shipped from KY (where my mom and dad lived) to CA (where I was).  I found the recipes about 10 years later, and have been making them ever since.  My husband loves it – during the year, I make it in a 9x 13″ cake pan and then cut it up and freeze it.  John defrosts it in the microwave with a pat of butter and then puts whipped cream on it.  Ice cream (a la mode) is another favorite.

Here is the recipe:

Mrs. Marshall’s Coffee Cake  (from Vaune Pierce)

3 cups flour                             2 eggs
1 cup sugar                             1 tsp baking soda
1 cup brown sugar                  1 tsp vanilla
1 cup (2 sticks) butter             1 cup buttermilk

Heat oven to 350 °

Crumble (not beat) flour, sugars, and butter together.  I use the dough hook attachment on my mixer.  DO NOT overmix!  It should be crumbly, with the butter incorporated.

Pull out 1 cup of the crumble mix.

Add the rest of the ingredients to the remaining crumble mix and beat.

Pour into greased 9” x 13” pan or (2) 8” round pans.

Pour crumbles over the batter.

Bake for 35 – 40 minutes  (If using 2 9” round pans, it takes about 50 minutes)


Once you have this made, cut your self a piece and enjoy while watching these Fashion documentaries.

The first one is Oh, Dior, about Christian Dior.  It goes into his history – how he began (he went to school to become a diplomat) and then dives into his fashion.  At the beginning (minute 1:15), there is a stunning dress that has bodice band (almost like a cummerbund) that is all fabric manipulation.  I tried several ways to take a screen shot to show you a picture, but it gave me a black screen every time.

It is available for free on Amazon Prime and runs about 40 minutes.  The dresses are wonderful eye candy – I would love to be able to feel some of those fabrics and to be able to see how they were constructed!

The next one is called The Tents and hits a bit closer to home.

It is a documentary about the New York Fashion Show history – how Bryant Park got started, the cultural influence it has and the move to Lincoln Center.  This was made in 2012.  Some of the remarks are interesting to me, in this time, as venues that back then that would never be considered, are now the hot spots.  There is also information on branding and how it affects some of the designers.  Social media has really taken off since this was produced, but even back then, they talked about how social media has changed the fashion industry, especially with real time access to fashion.  When this all started, the fashion shows were trade shows – buyers went to see what was coming and to place orders that would be shipped 6 months later.  Today, the fashion shows are entertainment as well, with celebrities sitting in the front rows, as well as fashion editors and buyers.  Cell phones and instagram give instant access to the designs, and next week is too late.

This is also available for free on Amazon Prime and runs about 1 hour 18 minutes.

I hope you are all safe and healthy!

Happy Stitching,




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