Baby Shark!

Hello Everyone!
As technology advances, so must my blog and newsletters!  Hopefully that is finished and I will be able to post a bit more.   This is the first post-update post, so here goes!  It has been a busy summer!  It started off with a bang, bringing us our first grandchild, Felix!


I am holding him here at 3 weeks, and yes, he is wearing something that I made him! I have been back twice, and will see him again in November!

2 months, and wearing another Grammy outfit.  They live near the water, and Dad loves sharks, so I have been stocking up on marine life fabric!


John was able to go back and spend some time with him as well.  Here is Felix and Gigi, catching a snooze.  John has chosen Gigi as his ‘grandpa’ name – John’s maternal grandparents were Ukrainian, and Gigi was what they called him.


Cindy Foose and I will be in Kentucky next week at our school – we can’t wait!  I will be driving across the country this weekend and will be waving to you as I pass by.  I will post pictures!

Happy Stitching,