Bits and Pieces…. Class News…. and a Question for You!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.  We are still sweltering (90 -98 ) but at least we do not have the fires near us.  The last several posts on Pressing Matters has left me with some bits and pieces that I thought might interest you.




First up is a blog post from The Fold Line.  While they mostly focus on patterns, their blog post today is all about ‘sewing related TV and films“.




They have several different categories: Movies (sewing), Movies (costumes-fashion), Documentaries (sewing – fashion), TV (sewing) and TV (costumes – fashion).
This is one of those rabbit hole lists!  The post has live links to each movie/tv and are usually found on Amazon, Netflix, itunes, etc.  *** Please note that the link will take you to the European version, (Money is in pounds), so you will want to switch over to the US version if you want to rent or purchase).


Next up is a behind the scenes video from the Illinois State Museum as they get ready for their exhibit “Fashioning Illinois:  1820 – 1900” .  I have only watched the very beginning, but they give you a peek at their storage closets – here is a view of some children’s clothing.  They are also going to be posting the video from their “Dressed for the Occasion” exhibit, but I don;t see the link yet.  I will post that when it pops up.


Classes!  I miss them!  I love to travel and teach, meet new stitchers and catch up with friends I have not seen in a while.  SAGA and ASG conventions have been cancelled.  I also  just received word today that the Sewing and Stitchery Expo (end of February /21, in Puyallup, WA) is going to be virtual next year.  Of course that has been put on hold for a while.  Next weekend would have been our Traditions and Transitions school in KY that Cindy Foose and I host.  We are soo disappointed that it is not happening this year.

I have regrouped and am going forward with technology!  My first step is with virtual classes.  I am working on scheduling, but would appreciate your feedback.  If you wouldn’t mind emailing me: and let me know:

What Days and Times would you prefer for taking a virtual class?
What types of virtual classes are you interested in?


This first class that I am going to offer will be my Texas Tote.  It is made from a heavy canvas twill with Liberty of London accents.  It has an embroidered pocket on the outside (there will be a few different embroidery design options).  Inside are 2 pockets – the first pocket has a zipper and is lined with RFID fabric so that your cc info can not be stolen.  The 2nd pocket has sections to hold keys, a pen, etc.  There is also a water bottle pocket on the outside.  Leather handles top it off – nice and sturdy for toting almost anything!  The format for this class will be 3 – 2 hour sessions.  Lesson 1 will be the embroidery techniques – bullions and granitos.  Homework will be having your pocket finished by Lesson 2.  Lesson 2 will be Layout and construction techniques for the seam finishes and pockets.  Homework will be to have all of the parts finished by Lesson 3.  Lesson 3 will focus on constructing the bag – putting the pieces together.  Having 3 lessons will take a bit longer, but it divides the work into natural sections, and you will be almost finished by the end of Lesson 3 (so hopefully you won’t have an unfinished project!).

Once I hear from everyone, I will get this class scheduled and next week will let you know about signups.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy!  For those of you who have kids going back to school (virtual or in person), my thoughts are with you!

Happy Stitching,


4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces…. Class News…. and a Question for You!

  1. Your patterns look lovely. I would love if the classes would be in mid morning. We are in the Shw Low White Mountain area, so on mtn time.

  2. I’d love to do this tutorial with you as we don’t know when our group will ever meet again. Mornings is great for me as I teach piano in the afternoons. Thank you for getting this together.

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