Buttons and Back Yoke Tutorial

One way of making your ‘creation’ your own is to personalize it by choosing unique buttons. Whether you find some funky buttons in a store or create your own, they can really add something special to your garment. Please keep in mind, though, that the garment was designed for a specific size of button. If the buttons that you want to use are not the same size, there is a minor alteration to the pattern that you need to do, to keep everything in line.

This a picture of a back yoke, with the center back marked and the buttons placed. Here is the thing to remember:

***The buttons need to be the same size as the lap!***

Lap = the distance from Center Back(or Front,etc., if buttons are on the front) to the vertical edge of the fabric

If the pattern calls for 3/8″ buttons, then the lap will be 3/8″. When you are gathering your fabric and notions to make your garment, you really should choose your buttons at the beginning of the process. If your buttons are larger than what the pattern calls for, then you need to adjust the pattern before you cut it out.

The alteration is pretty straightforward. First, measure the width of your button. Next, find the measurement that your pattern calls for. If the pattern does not give a specific button measurement, take the back yoke pattern piece and measure the distance between the CB and the edge of the bakc yoke. This is the button measurement that the pattern was designed for.
Once you have these 2 measurements, are they the same? if not, you will need to add or subtract from your back yoke BEFORE you cut it out.

Example: If the garment calls for 3/8″ buttons and your buttons are 1/2 inch, the difference is 1/8″. You will need to redraw the back yoke, ADDING 1/8″ to the lap. Remember, you will need to do this for all of the Back Yoke pieces (back yoke/backyoke lining pattern if you are cutton on a fold, or the Back yoke and back yoke lining pattern pieces it cut separately).

Once you have made this alteration, your Center Backs should line up, allowing your buttons and buttonsholes to be aligned.

If you have any questions, let me know!