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This is an extra post, as it is time sensitive!  Charles Worth (1825 – 1895) is often called the “father of haute couture”.  His garments were made from luxurious fabrics, and he started The House of Worth.  Many of his garments are still in existence and are owned and displayed by museums around the world.

There is a video on youtube for a lecture called How to Make a Worth Gown, featuring Cathy Hay.  It is about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Due to copyright of some of the images used in the lecture, it will not be reloaded at a later date.  There is some wonderful information in this lecture, not just on the qualities of a Worth dress, but also the history of fashion in Paris during this time.



Cathy started Foundations Revealed .  From there website: ” We like to think of Foundations Revealed as the Hogwarts of sewing.  It’s a place where there are NO tutorials on making tote bags or A-line skirts……but everything on corsets, walking skirts, grand 18th century gowns, couture techniques, lost tailoring methods, the latest Worbla techniques, and everything magical, fantastical, historical, but not forgotten.”

Definitely worth a look around her website!





I hope you have a chance to enjoy the lecture before the link on youtube is taken down!

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  1. What a fascinating video. I loved it, and took copious notes. Thank you so much. I would never have known of the broadcast if not for being on your list.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. I requested the book about Worth from my library and was just notified that it is in – can’t wait to read it!

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