My To Do List is Not Getting Shorter!

Hello to you all!  I hope this finds you safe and healthy.  Over the last 5 weeks, I have taken a detour from my original plans, as have many of us!  Several teaching trips have been postponed, my updated website*** is almost ready, and my sewing room is finally getting sorted, cleaned, and a makeover (more on that in another post)!

*** The fabrics in this post will all be available and on sale when my ‘new’ website is ready! ***

In the in between cleaning and sorting (and when the power is off due to some electrical work), I have been prepping for some smocking projects that I have been wanting to work on.  I pulled out my pleater and got started….

This is a new fabric that just came in – and is really making me think of spring and summer, with its bright colors!  The little bees that are buzzing around add a touch of whimsy.   I cut a piece for my stash.

I wanted to see if it would shrink, so before I threw it in the wash, I took a fine point Sharpie and drew a 1 inch square in the corner.


This is after I washed it – you can see that the shrinkage is minimal.  Yeah!!!



Next up is pleating.  I am not sure what smocking design I am going to use, so I pleated 16 rows, just to be sure.  Then  the fun part!  I pulled out my Coton a Broder #25 collection to choose threads.  I usually choose threads AFTER I have pleated the fabric – sometimes the colors are lost in the pleats.  I may not end up using all of the colors, but I have a color palette to work with!

Here are some piping options to go along with the pleated fabric and thread!

Next up is a blue floral lawn from Robert Kaufman’s London Calling line.  I have this in the pink colorway as well.  I really like this fabric – it has a really nice hand.  It is Robert Kaufman’s answer to Liberty of London, without the price of LoL.  They introduced their London Calling Line several years ago, but they don’t always introduce new prints every year.

I marked and washed this fabric as well,and you can see that again, the shrinkage was negligible.

Pleating is done, and time for thread and piping!

It is hard to tell from the picture, but I found a beautiful pimatex gingham in mint that matches the green in this print perfectly.  One of my fabric finds from my end run place in the garment district!



Next up is a floral from the Sevenberry series that is in a tomato and peach color.  I forgot to take a picture of the Sharpie square, but no shrinkage here either.

Pleated with thread choices – my mind is buzzing with possibilities!

I have a tomato colored gingham for the piping – perfect with the pleated fabric and thread.



Once I have the pleated fabric, the thread, and piping fabric, I put them together in a clear box so that I don’t loose them (or temporarily misplace them).  I ordered them from Amazon:    Sterilite Clip Boxes on Amazon

I really like these!  I prefer then over ziploc bags for storing projects that I am not currently working on – I can stack them on a shelf and put a stickie on so that I can easily see what is in the box without have to pull out and look through them.

Next up in a new box is the pink and yellow floral fabric with the bees!


Last is the peach and tomato floral in its box.

Three projects ready to go!

I hope you are all getting things done as well!

Happy Stitching!