Scissors…. and What’s Up With DOVO?

Hello Everyone!
October is just a few days away and we are into a high 90s heat wave here.  I don’t know about you, but I am ready for fall.  I grew up with 4 seasons, and that is something that I miss, living here in Southern California. We have Spring, Summer, Just Past Summer, and about 3 days of Winter.  Many of you have contacted me about the fires – thank you for thinking of me!  So far this year, we are far away from them – we really only had a couple of days of smoke, so we have been lucky.  We are just at the beginning of our fire season, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Enrollment for my Texas Tote class is coming along – I am looking forward to seeing you there.  For those of you that have enrolled, I will open our FB group at the beginning of October.  That will be here before you know it!

I am going to give you a bit of info about scissors and shears!  Scissors are usually less than 6 inches and have the same size bows (holes that your fingers go in) and about the same shape blade.  Embroidery scissors come to mind as a good example.  They can be made of different types of metal and the handles can be fancy or plain.  Shears have blades that are 6″ or longer and have bows that are 2 different sizes – one for the thumb and one for your fingers.

I have had several emails recently about the DOVO company (I LOVE DOVO scissors, and they are the brand that I carry) and if they have gone out of business.   At this point they have NOT.  They have been hit hard from the pandemic and are restructuring ( in the US that is like going through bankruptcy).  Unfortunately, that means that they are no longer making some of the styles that we love so well!  I still have stock on 2 of the styles that have been discontinued.  I have not posted these on my website! If you want a pair, please email me!  I always give my blog subscribers first chance when ever something good comes along! I have 4 of the gold filigree ($45) and 2 of the silver scallop ($35) pair.

This is a scissor 🙂  3.5″ with filigree handles and a leather sheath.  $45, and I have 4 pair left.

This is another 3.5″ scissor, it does not come with a sheath.  It is $35.

I am trying to support DOVO as best as I can, because I want them to stay in business.  They make wonderful, high quality scissors that are hand balanced.  Once you have used a pair of DOVO scissors, you don’t want to use anything else. I often get asked what are my favorite, and I have to say, I don’t have just one…. it depends on what I am doing.  My favorite embroidery scissor is the Hardanger, which has a super fine point.  Not only great for clipping fine threads in fabrics, the thin point works really well when I am trimming fabric away from underneath the perle in cutwork.  My favorite trimming scissor are my serrated scissors – I always use them when I am trimming the first pass of my French seams – the serration helps to keep the whiskers at bay!  My 1 nub scissors are a must when I am trimming behind lace insertion ( ask me why I know this !) – the nub helps keep the scissors point from cutting the lace.  Finally, my 7″ shear, perfect for cutting fabric.  My scissors are like my kids – they each have their own talent and I love them each in their own way!

The DOVO scissors that I carry that are still available (at least for now) you can find HERE .  Until October 10, all of my DOVOs will be 15% off, and if you buy 3 or more, I will go in and make that 20%.  (The 15% will show up automatically).  *** Please note that the 2 scissors above are not included in the sale, as I can not order them any more.  I will count them toward the 3 pair for 20% off of any of the website scissors that you order.***

A little history…. Solingen, the area in Germany where DOVO is located has been involved in producing blades of some type since the 1200s.  Knives, swords, and scissors have been produced in this area.  90% of the German cutlery companies are based in the Solingen area. Solingen is part of the Rhineland Regional Association.

Its location gave it good access to ore and timber, as well as being near Cologne, which was a major trading city.  The counts of Berg controlled  production – they granted rights to manufacture products.  The knife makers were awarded manufacturing privileges in the 16th century, scissor makers were awarded their manufacturing privileges in the 18th century.  DOVO continues the tradition of making wonderful, handcrafted scissors today – each pair is hand balanced before it leaves their factory.  These scissors are made to last a lifetime.

I hope you have found this interesting!

Happy Stitching!



2 thoughts on “Scissors…. and What’s Up With DOVO?

  1. Hello Vaune
    I would like to purchase one of each of the scissors posted on your blog. My phone number is 252 202 1882. Let me know how to proceed with the order. Thank you!

  2. Loved the history background to the Dovo scissor history, Vaune. We were on a river cruise two years ago and I was able to find a cutlery store that sold Dovo scissors and purchased several in Cologne.
    I keep them close by while sewing and embroidering.

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