(Sewing Machine) Feet Feature… Bernina Accessory Sale Ends on 12/31

Hello everyone!  I want to sneak this in, in case you have a chance to read this in the morning.  12/31 is the last day of the Bernina Feet and Accessories sale, and one of my sewing buddies emailed and asked for a list of feet.  I thought I would pass this along, in case you are interested.  Seems like we all have been delving into sewing over the past 9 months, and maybe you are going to expand your sewing machine feet collection!


I am going to start with my 5 Must Have feet!


First is my 5 groove pintuck foot (#31).  I use this to make perfect Petite Piping!

Edge Stitch, Stitch in the Ditch, Top Stitch (#10)…. this foot goes by many names, but no matter what the name, it is still one of my most used feet.  Please note that it is DIFFERENT from #5, Blind hem foot (which usually comes with the machine).  The Blind hem foot has a bar in center, and can inhibit your needle placement (and can also cause you to break a needle of you are not careful of your needle placement).

1/4 inch foot (#37) is also in my top 5 – I really like this foot, as it has 1/8″ as well as 1/4″ marks.  The needle hole is tiny, but I can usually go 1 or 2 spaces to each side of center, which gives me some leeway in needle position.

The last of my top 4 is the Clear Applique’ foot (#23).  This has a short toe, which makes it easier to go around curves and is very helpful in attaching petite piping on Peter Pan collars.

This is the Buttonhole foot (#3) that is NOT automated.  I use this on the bottom buttonhole on the back of a basic yoke dress.  The foot is not as wide, and usually fits better than the bigger automated buttonhole foot.  Sometimes it is hard to maneuver around all of the gathers.


I also have a couple more feet that I use often, and I don’t often see when I am teaching:

This is a Button foot (#18) – NOT a button hole foot. You use this to sew on buttons.  Quick and easy!



This is a ZigZag hemmer (#63) – it produces a rolled hem.  There are several feet in this series, and there are 2 main differences between them:
1.  The hole where the needle goes
If the hole is a tiny circle, then it is a straight stitch hemmer.  If it is an oval (as pictured above) then it is a zigzag hemmer.
2.  The size of the roll
The bigger the roll, the wider the rolled hem.



Must haves:
#31         5 groove pintuck foot (petite piping)
#10         Edge stitch foot
#27         ¼ inch foot
#23         Clear applique’ foot
# 3          Buttonhole foot (NOT the automatic foot)

For Heirloom Sewing, these are also on my must have list:
#30         3 groove pintuck foot (great for attaching entredeaux)
#32         7 groove pintuck foot (makes perfect tiny pintucks)

Next is would like to have but won’t die without them:
#18         Button foot (to sew on buttons, not the buttonholes)
#22         3 groove cording foot
#34         Clear Reverse pattern foot (guideline markings and you can see through it)
#39         Clear Embroidery foot (groove behind needle, short toe, and can see through it)
#63         Zigzag Rolled Hem foot

These can be invaluable if you do this kind of sewing:
#35         *Invisible Zipper foot – a must if you sew invisible zippers
#52         *Teflon zigzag foot, if you sew on sticky materials

*** I did not include the zipper foot or the zigzag foot, as these usually come with the machine.

I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful New Year!  I already have a couple of posts scheduled, so my New Year’s Resolution of keeping up with my blog posts is off to a good start!

Happy Stitching!



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